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Talking It Out Talking It Out: Getting to Agreement. Read More...


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Tired of wondering what to do about difficult situations and disputes for you or your team?

How much time and energy have difficult people or problems already cost you?

Let Zinn Mediation Associates help you move forward.

Unresolved conflict leads to more conflict.
Poorly resolved conflict affects relationships, as well as emotional and financial well-being.

When disputes arise in your community, neighborhood, school, congregation, workplace or family
Zinn Mediation Associates will help you evaluate, discuss and manage the issues
without undue expense, exposure and time.

Our mediation services provide a confidential and time-efficient process leading to new, productive solutions.
Our trainings, facilitation services and conflict coaching can reduce stress and minimize the unfortunate consumption of your valuable time, energy and resources.

What's New At Zinn Mediation Associates?
KGNU Conflict Resolution Programs -
Restorative Justice: Taking Responsibility

What is important when crimes are committed?  Do we need to punish wrongdoers?  Is it possible to repair harm done to others?  Do shared personal stories make a difference?
Thursday, June 26 at 8:30 AM
1390 AM or 88.5 FM

Co-produced by Sam Fuqua and Mary Zinn
For more information contact mzinn@zinnmediation.com
KGNU can be found at 1390 AM or 88.5 FM

Talking It Out: Getting To Agreement

Madame Solutions
Madame Solutions is now available for public appearances. Our eccentric and hilarious problem solver will help you forget the troubling part of your problems! Conflict is a real adventure when Madame Solutions is in the room. More information 303-526-2202, Mme.Solutions@zinnmediation.com.

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